There’s always room for dessert

AfterYou-Web2014-img     May began baking since she was a little over 10 years old, using only the best recipes she gathered from magazines and tv shows . She loves the aroma of good coffee and anything sweet.

     Right after college, she decided to open up a dessert café to share the love. The idea is to   recreate something delightful just like in mom’s kitchen – the smiles, the warmth, and the delicious scent.


       After You dessert café first opened in 2007. Signature desserts include Shibuya Honey Toast, Chocolate Lava Cake, Panookie, Figgy Pudding, etc. Customers loved the menu and started spreading the word ever since.

       After that many branches opened up around Bangkok. Now there are over 10 After You dessert cafés around town, and the number of staff has grown to a big family. The menu also improved from when the café first opened and new recipes are being tested and offered  regularly.    

       At After You dessert café the team strives to offer the most special cafés and best desserts made from the finest ingredients. The goal is to keep the very same standard of quality, service, and the warmth atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.